Privacy policy


At Auto-Uuttera Ltd, we are committed to complying with the EU Data Protection Regulation and other privacy legislation and to processing your personal data in accordance with good information management practices.

This Privacy Policy will help you understand what personal information Auto-Uuttera collects about you as a business customer and business contact and why and how we use the personal information we have obtained. In addition, you will receive information about your rights and how you can use them when you are a registered customer.


We process your personal information because of the duties you perform in the company you represent and in your role as a representative of the company. We collect your personal information when the company you represent becomes our customer or uses our services, you participate in events organized by us or otherwise have contact with us, for example by submitting a contact request or registering as a user of our services.

We obtain the personal information we process mainly from you or the company you represent and by collecting information about which Auto-Uuttera's services you acquire or use in your role. We also obtain personal information from external sources, such as various registers, corporate websites or service providers.

Personal information provided by you or the company you represent, as well as personal information we collect according to your online behavior:

  • Basic information such as name, business address, work email address and work phone number
  • job description or profession
  • information about the services or products purchased by the company you represent, and any tenders made, if your name is mentioned on them
  • Payment and billing information for the payment, if your name is mentioned in the reference information
  • registration information such as contact information, username and password
  • Customer feedback and other contact methods
  • your answers to surveys and inquiries
  • possible marketing ban
  • network identifiers, such as your IP address and information collected through cookies and other similar technologies. Learn more about the use of cookies.

Service and product sales and customer relationship management

We process your information to order and deliver services and products based on the agreement between the company you represent and Auto-Uuttera, and to manage the contractual relationship between our companies.

We also need your information to be able to contact you regarding service or product orders, reservations or purchased products, or when you contact us to acquire more information. Also in these situations, the processing of your personal data is based on an agreement between the company you represent and Auto-Uuttera or on the legitimate interest of Auto-Uuttera in managing and maintaining the customer relationship.

Marketing and communication

We process personal data for marketing purposes and to form marketing target groups. We use the information to sell our own services and products, for direct marketing, and customer satisfaction surveys. Personal information allows us to personalize and target products and services what we believe will be of interest to you.

We also use your personal information for customer communications. We may send you newsletters and announcements regarding our products and services.

We purchase online advertising space for ads that may be displayed on external ad networks. Advertising is purchased both through pre-defined target groups of third parties and through target groups defined by Auto-Uuttera itself. Ads can also be targeted using cookies based on the use of the Auto-Uuttera's website. These kind of marketing actions are also based on Auto-Uuttera's legal right mentioned above.

Business and service development

We use your personal information based on the legal right and customer relationship to develop services, products, customer service, sales and marketing as well as process management.

We process your personal information, for example, to process customer feedback and reclamations we receive. The feedback we receive from customer satisfaction surveys is also used to help develop our services and business. You may receive an electronic customer satisfaction survey after you have used our services. You can refuse to receive customer satisfaction surveys by sending a message to

Managing business partnerships

Auto-Uuttera processes the contact and billing information of its business partners, such as its contractual partners, in order to meet its internal service needs and to be able to maintain contractual partnerships with its various partners. These include partnerships with various importers, logistics services, invoicing and accounting service providers, real estate services and marketing partners. The processing of personal data in this context is most often based on Auto-Uuttera's legal right in enabling and managing cooperative relationships.

Compliance with legal obligations and preparation for legal requirements

We process personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations and comply with official decisions made by authorities. These include, for example, statutory accounting obligations and tax obligations.

We also process personal information in order to be able to prepare for legal claims.

Security and abuse

We also process your personal information to ensure the security of our services and communications networks. We use camera surveillance to ensure the security of our premises.


We will only process your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes of personal data processing. Deletion times and deletion policies are defined, and outdated and unnecessary personal information is deleted. The data retention period may vary from data group to data group and Auto-Uuttera may be required by law to retain some data.


Your data will only be processed by persons who have the right to process personal data, such as persons who, due to their duties, have a need to process your personal data.

Your personal information may also be transferred to outsourced service providers on a contractual basis for the processing of our assignment. Service providers process your personal information in the way we define to provide our services and do not have the right to use your information for their own purposes. This also means that when Auto-Uuttera's grounds for processing your personal data cease, the service provider we use must also stop processing your personal data without requiring separate action from you.

We use external service providers e.g. for the following uses: research, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), data enrichment, payment processing, invoicing and collection, delivery and maintenance of systems, and providing various technical platforms.


Disclosure of personal data refers to situations where your personal data is provided for the independent use of another register controller.

Auto-Uuttera does not disclose your personal data or process it outside of Europe.


You will be able to check what information Auto-Uuttera has about you, as well as request that your information be corrected or updated. You also have the right to object to the processing of your data, for example for marketing purposes.

In certain situations, you have the right to ask us to delete your information. At your request, we will delete your information unless we have a legal obligation to retain it despite your request. In certain situations covered by data protection law, you also have the right to ask us to restrict the processing of your data.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data or want to use your rights, send your inquiry to

You can also download the Request for Information Form and mail it to us.

We hope you will contact us if you have any questions or would like to give us feedback on the processing of your personal information. If you are not satisfied with the processing of your personal data in Auto-Uuttera, you can also make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer.


We will update our Privacy Policy if necessary as our operations and services evolve. Changes may also be based on changes in data protection legislation or best practices. We encourage you to regularly review the latest version of this Privacy Policy on our website.

This Privacy Policy was prepared on May 22, 2018 and updated on May 1, 2019.

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